Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of what we do, it is nearly impossible for us to give you a quote on a matter which is to be litigated, because we cannot foresee the future and what services you might require during the litigation process. However, we do provide you with our fee structure so you may know what we charge for services. 

Please refer to our fees page on the website. 

We are able to quote in some instances. In these instances please refer to FEES MISCELLANEOUS on the Fees page.

We accept cash only at our offices but we do except eft payments if arrangements are made accordingly. 

The attorney or one of our support staff will contact you via email or telephonically or via whatsapp to give you updates on your matter. 

You are also free to contact our offices for updates. 

Please phone us on +2715 516 0900

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Every staff member’s contact details are also available on our team page. 

Points you might consider when deciding whether you need an attorney or not: 

1. The Law is Complicated

2. Not Having a Lawyer May Cost You More

3. Lawyers Know How to Challenge Evidence

4. Filing the Wrong Document or Following the Wrong Procedure Could Ruin Your Case

5. They Have Access to the Witnesses and Experts You’ll Need on Your Side

6. A Lawyer Can Present Your Strongest Case

7. It’s Always Better to Avoid Problems Rather Than Fix Them Later

8. Lawyers Know How to Negotiate Settlements and Plea Bargains

9. The Other Party Probably Has Legal Representation

10. While you don’t necessarily need an attorney in every legal matter (i.e. a minor traffic ticket), there a few situations when it’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer. 

Depending on whether your divorce matter is opposed (defended) or unopposed (undefended) a divorce matter may be finalized between 6 weeks but can take up to 5 years or more depending on a lot of factors such what marital property system governs your marriage as well as child custody and maintenance etc.

The sooner the parties ca come to an agreement on the division of their estate(s) and the custody of the children and with regards to spousal and child maintenance, the sooner the matter will be finalized. 

The duration of the process mostly depends on the parties to the divorce although the courts may take up to 8 weeks to finalize the matter even if all these above mentioned issues are settled.